Tough Talks: Details Of Your Raise

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The conversation around compensation is often a difficult one for the person on the “asking” side. While most people muster the courage to make the initial request during the hiring process, that determination may be MIA when discussing a raise.

Even when the request is completed, and the raise promised, there remains one area where the process can fall apart: the details. Here are some things you can do to completely seal the deal on a raise without angst on either side.

Make sure you’re talking about the same period for the amount in question. It should be obvious but saying something like “$2,000 annually” is easy enough and gives your manager a chance to clarify if she meant per month.

Ask for the effective date of the raise. If it’s part of a regular compensation review, will it be retroactive to your most recent anniversary date?

Ask if there is anything you need to do to make it happen. Is there a memo you need to receive and acknowledge or something like that. There probably isn’t, but this question is an indirect way of pointing to the process of making the raise happen. It’s also a lot easier than saying, “Thanks, boss. When will you get the paperwork done?”

These seem like small steps, and they are. However, I’ve witnessed first hand and have been told about other cases where raises were promised and not delivered for months. While this is often an oversight, it created anxiety and bitterness on behalf of the employee who no longer felt like they were truly valued. It also resulted in embarrassment for the manager who had to admit the error and request a significant back payment.

Invest the time to get the details in place, and everyone will be happier and more productive!

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