“The most visceral art is direct. One to one, mano a mano, the artist and the viewer. It’s the art of interaction. It’s what you do. The art of running a meeting, counseling a student, conducting an interview, and calming an angry customer. The art of raising capital, buying a carpet at a souk, or managing a designer. If art is a human connection that causes someone to change his mind, then you are an artist."

Seth Godin


Artistic Leader Consulting

The Seth Godin quote above inspired the name, Artistic Leader. It encapsulates a concept I’ve long held to be true:

effective communication = artistic expression

That makes business leaders like you – from entrepreneurs to CEOs, managers to small business owners – artists. And, like with any art, there’s largely no one way to be successful. It all comes down to learning the rules of the art of management and staying connected with its development as an art form.

The painter learns how colors interact with each other, the medium, and light. The musician knows how notes flow together to create harmony, deliver emphasis, and inspire emotions. These artists learn the relatively few rules that define performing in their medium. Then, they mix them, tweak them, even break them occasionally (or often) to create the outcome that will inspire those who see, listen, or watch their art.

A successful manager does the same.

You learn the rules and then apply your style to them to fit your organization’s environment and inspire people. From your customers to your employees, how you encourage them to buy from you, follow you, or support you is a direct outcome of how you express an understanding of their needs and your goals.

Artistic Leader exists to help you do that to the best of your ability.

Rob McClinton, Founder

Rob McClinton, profile picture

I’m Rob McClinton and I bring nearly 20 years of management experience to the table.

I mentor managers, like you, to be their best in the way of an artist: by caring. Caring enough about what you’re doing, what you’re saying and where you want your team to go.

If I’ve succeeded, you’ll show up every day with a professional commitment to manage with intent and lead with confidence. You’ll use creativity to enhance your decision making and inspire those around you.

I do this because managers are at the front line with a tough job. You directly impact the lives of employees and customers. You rarely make magazine covers but always make a difference. I’m dedicated to helping you.

Results speak for themselves. Here are some of what former colleagues have had to say about me and my management style.You can find more on my LinkedIn profile.


“Rob demonstrated leadership, effective personnel management and business acumen . . . he consistently and accurately measured the results of our efforts, and publicly recognized employees for jobs well done.”
Jonathan Stanfill, direct report

“Rob also has deep integrity and cares greatly for his employees and co-workers . . . Those qualities inspire his direct reports to want to work double-time to meet the goals Rob sets out.”
Cristin Dorgelo, colleague

” . . . while his end goal is always to enhance the satisfaction and loyalty of customers, he never loses sight of the fact that employee morale is a critical factor in accomplishing those goals. To this end, he uses humor and a collaborative management style to keep his staff and others motivated.”
Aaron Kvitek, colleague

“an intelligent leader who knew how to get the most from the people that reported to him.”
Keith Vallely, colleague

“he implemented new procedures that assisted us in doing our jobs to the best of our abilities. I would be happy to work for him again should there be another opportunity. I was truly saddened the day he was promoted to another position.”
Glenda May, direct report