"The 52" Book Series

A Guided Tour Through the Best of the Best

Readitfor.me compiled a list of the top 52 leadership books most requested by leaders in business, politics, and entertainment. These are not just popular books. Instead, they solve problems for the world’s most successful business leaders.

A weekly Master Class focuses on each of these books, giving you a guided tour through the selections the best leaders made of the best leadership books.

What Successful Leaders Do Differently

The List of 52 titles results from years of research by Readitfor.me’s founder, Steve Cunningham. This video tells how he discovered the difference between his choice and consumption of books and how highly successful people leverage books. It also includes a sample Leadership Master Class with a complete book summary.

Artistic Leader Packages

"The 52" Book Series is included in the Individual Annual and Team subscription packages.

The Enterprise package includes a customized book series designed to meet the needs of your organization and team.